Ecological rights center BELLONA, a Forum member organisation, in partnership with the Bulgarian BlueLink Foundation, Association of Environmental Journalists of Russia, Russian-German Bureau of Ecological Information, Save Pechora Committee, Perm organisation for animal protection “Za Zverey” and Rostov-based organisation “Eco-Logica”, supported by EU-Russia Civil Society Forum is carrying out the project “Quality Journalism for Environmental Activists in Russia and the EU”.
The aim of the project is to develop professional skills and push for experience exchange between environmental activists and journalists from Russia and the EU with the focus on investigating waste disposal problems, including hazardous non-radioactive waste.
As part of this project, the workshop for environmental journalists and activists from Russia and the EU countries was held in St. Petersburg on 11-14 February 2019. In total 15 participants took part in the workshop, including eco-activists from the Republic of Komi, Altai Territory, Perm Territory, Volgograd and Chelyabinsk Regions and Italy, as well as journalists from Moscow, Bashkortostan, the Rostov Region, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and France.
The first day of the workshop was devoted to a discussion of the performance standards for environmental journalists and the specifics of searching, analysing and delivering information to a wider readership. On the second day, experts on the management of hazardous and non-hazardous household wastes talked about the practices of waste collecting, recycling and disposal in Russia and Italy. Whereas the activists from different regions of Russia discussed “waste problems” they are trying to cope with. On the third day, workshop participants visited the material recovery facility “Avtopark No1 Speztrans”.
Over the next three months of the project, journalists will prepare materials on problems with the disposal of various types of hazardous waste in their regions. All articles will be published both in Russian and English.
Within the framework of the project, the paper with an overview of waste management systems in Russia and the EU countries was released. This document is to help journalists and activists to have a better understanding of the terms and the legal regulation features of the hazardous waste recycling and disposal.

The Project has been financially supported within the framework of the Forum Partnership Projects.

Ksenia Vakhrusheva, Project Coordinator at Ecological rights center BELLONA (Russia),
Pavel Antonov, Executive Editor of the BlueLink Foundation (Bulgaria),