CSF organises a semi-closed workshop for experts dealing with the question of visa facilitation with the eventual prospect of contributing towards visa liberalisation between the EU and Russia. Five Experts with different professional background (law, politics, civil society) from Russia, Poland, Belgium and Germany, working in universities in Florence, Kaliningrad and Ghent as well as in NGOs, will meet on 14-16 March in Moscow to start working on a policy paper.

A goal of the policy paper is to offer recommendations and regulations for further visa facilitation between the EU and Russia, review the problems encountered by civil society actors and propose interim and medium-term solutions prior to an agreement on visa-free travel between the EU and Russia. For more information contact the project coordinator Kristina Smolijaninovaite . Follow the visa group on Facebook! 

Visa experts group:

  • Joanna Fomina, Stefan Batory Foundation, Warsaw
  • Oleg Korneev, Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellow, Migration Policy Centre, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence
  • Aigulle Sembaeva, Nemecko-Russki Obmen, St. Petersburg
  • Peter Van Elsuwege, European Institute of Ghent University 
  • Vadim Voinicov, EU Centre, Baltic Federal Univeristy, Kaliningrad

Invited guests:

  • Konstantin Baranov, International Youth Human Rights Movement, Rostov-on Don
  • Daria Bobrovskaya, NO-VISA coalition, Moscow
  • Yuri Dzhibladze, Center for Development of Democracy and Human Rights, Moscow 
  • Paul Kalinichenko, Moscow State Academy of Law, Moscow
  • Olga Potemkina, Institute of Europe (RAS), Moscow 
  • Lyubov Pasiakina, Institute of Europe (RAS), Moscow