At the beginning of October, nine members of the HERstory Project Team met in Yerevan (Armenia) to look back on what we have achieved during the past six months and to look forward to what we want to achieve in the future. Many local and online events are planned for the future. We are thinking of a Zoom Party where we will present all our online tours, we’ll develop booklets for local tour guides and we’ll interview women who fight an (invisible) battle every day in their life.

The meeting also gave us the opportunity to talk about the situation in which we are living right now. We were talking about life in Belarus and about the current situation in Russia. As one of our partner organisations was included in the register of “foreign agents” recently, we were talking about this new situation. If you want to support our partner, please sign the petition for the withdrawal of the law on foreign agents.

In Yerevan, we also met activists from different civil society organisations, such as the Federation for Human Rights, the Civil Society Institute, the Women’s Resource Center, Queersista and individual activists. It was important to share each other’s views on society and to learn about the situation of women* in Armenia from different perspectives. These meetings gave us a lot of food for thought, which we digested in long evening discussions with good Armenian wine!

In 2021, we have still some local tours planned in Kyiv and Berlin and also some online events. If you want to take part in them, please check the project’s Facebook page.