On 5 June, the World Environment Day takes place, and in this context the Hungarian NGO “Clean Air Action Group” organised a webinar entitled “WE together for Ecological Transport!“. The event was supported by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and was held as an anniversary event, acknowledging the Forum’s 10-year existence.

During the webinar, experts from Russia and the EU talked about the problems of modern transport and its effect on air quality and citizens‘ health. Using examples of already successfully completed projects, the webinar participants explored opportunities for civil society engagement in the fight for clean air and discussed what positive results have already been achieved thanks to international cooperation.

The speakers at the webinar were:

  • Aleksei Radchenko, activist at the NGO “City Projects“, expert on traffic safety and transport analytics
  • Vasiliy Khoroshilov, engineer-physicist, local politician, co-founder of the educational group BREATHE.MOSCOW
  • Alexandra Khirv, transport expert, project manager at the NGO “Clean Air Action Group”

Video of the event (in Russian): HERE