On  September 22 at 16:00(CET)/17:00 MSK Olivia Baciu and Alexa Fedynsky from PartnersGlobal held the webinar “Organisational Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty – A Balcony View”.

Civic space is the cornerstone of a healthy society that champions democratic principles and ideals to promote human rights and fulfill basic human needs. With this in mind, PartnersGlobal, in partnership with CIVICUS, developed the Resiliency+ Framework to create an organisational strengthening process specifically focused on preparing for closing space challenges.

The centre of this framework is the concept of organisational resiliency as a set of skills, a dedicated process and, more importantly, a mindset that allows an organisation to embrace uncertainty and endure and recover from setbacks.

Resilience requires a culture of creative thinking and planning, lifelong learning, adaptability and self-care across all levels. In the Resiliency+ Framework, resilience issues are the key issues both in the planning and during its implementation.
The experts underlined that to be able to better connect with the public and other actors in the civic space, organisations should communicate creatively, which means write and send clear messages to the international publics, plan flexible strategies for the case of a crisis and use modern technologies and instruments to stay connected with the world and other stakeholders.

Another crucial thing is legitimacy which can help to ensure internal and external public support which could help to withstand a crisis situation or any changes in the civic space. Moreover, Olivia and Alexa said, every organisation has to be aware of its internal weaknesses and shortcoming to be prepared for the difficult times.

After the presentation, the experts asked questions on different problematic issues and the participants shared their experience. To find more about PartnersGlobal and the Resiliency+ Framework, please visit the website of the organisation or check out this presentation.


Olivia Baciu

Committed to good societies and creative collaboration across cultures, Olivia Baciu has substantial expertise in transitional governance and institution building with a focus on collaborative multi-stakeholder governance and change processes, organisational development and resilience, having worked in more than 25 countries throughout the globe. Having participated as an institutional member of the Partners Network for over 10 years, Olivia is currently advising PartnersGlobal on their global portfolio and accompanying them as a Coach,  Master Trainer, and Facilitator on organisational resiliency and good governance programming.

Alexa Fedynsky 

Alexa Fedynsky works on global programs at PartnersGlobal, focusing on the resiliency of civil society organisations in closing civic spaces around the world. She brings experiences as a Fulbright Scholar in Paraná, Brazil and from previous work in organisational development and civil society in Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa as well as organised labor in the United States.