Since 1991, Legambiente mobilizes local and international volunteers for the protection of the environment and the historical and cultural heritage all over the world through work camps. The common aim of environmental work camps is to improve areas with a distinctive naturalistic and cultural feature and to help solving environmental emergencies of our country. The main activities volunteers carry out are related to paths maintenance or beaches and protected areas cleaning; furthermore, volunteers collaborate in fire prevention or raising awareness on environmental issues.

Every year Legambiente hosts more than 1000 international volunteers and 800 Italian volunteers, and sends 200 Italian volunteers around the world. Both the international and national volunteer are from all over the world and all aged.

Legambiente’s work camps usually last from 10 up to 20 days, and involve 8 – 20 volunteers in different activities.

This year, the work camp season starts with a Easter work camp in the north of Italy but during the summer we will organize a lot of work camps in different places: form the Italian Islands Alicudi, Favignana, Asinara, Capraia to the Alpes (Carnia, Dolomiti, Valchiavenna), from the beautiful beach of Gallipoli, Brindisi, Plemmirio, San Rossore, Porto Cesareo, Scala dei Turchi to the small characteristic villages of Noli, Finale Ligure, Castelnuovo del Garda, Sernaglia, Venezia e L’Aquila.

From 1 to 10 of July 2013, will be the first work camp in Curfu organized together with our local group of Legambiente Corfu.

The activities will be in one of the most attractive naturalistic area of Greece: the salt mine of Lefkimmi and volunteers will do activities of paths maintenance and awareness on the importance to protect the area. The volunteer’s activities will make visitors more aware of the importance of the site for the local community and to use it in a correct way.

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Legambiente is member of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum since 01.12.2011.