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    Access to healthcare;

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    Prevention and control of communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, TB;

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    Improving the health and rights of marginalized groups in society, including people who use drugs, sex workers, prisoners, men who have sex with men, migrants;

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    Cooperation on EU-Russia health systems and patient organizations, community networks of affected groups;

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    Patient safety;

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    Resilience of Civil Society by working together in other fields;

The Working Group went on a Study Tour to the Netherlands, organised by AFEW International, where they learned about alternative funding for NGOs. A short overview of such funding methods can be found here (in Russian).


  • We have the objective of working in solidarity among EU and Russian Civil Society Organizations towards inclusiveness, particularly when it comes to public health areas
  • WG produces an informal exchange, horizontal and vertical links, including implementation of co-projects between health-related CSOs from Russia and the EU


Daria Alexeeva, AFEW International, Coordinator of the Working Group on Public and Inclusive Health:

“This Working Group invites organisations to exchange and learn from each other on an inclusive health agenda and on how Civil Society Organisation can effectively contribute to achieving access to good quality health services for all, but most importantly for those who are more at risk, more stigmatized, and are facing severe barriers in executing their basic right for health. Good quality health services need to include prevention, medical treatment, care and support, early detection, rehabilitation and psychological support. Access implies not only that it is available within suitable parameters, but also inclusive and non-judgemental, and affordable.

We welcome those organisations who experience the hardship of shrinking space for CSOs and operate in environment which become more conservative and restrictive, to share their recipes of resilience. The ambition is to join forces and to stimulate Forum to put Access to health on their advocacy agenda and thus contribute to building capacity and empower Civil Society in the EU and Russian Federation by engaging strategically with new and existing change makers, by creating a conducive environment for targeted dialogue on inclusive health with states and intergovernmental organisations”.