The Solidarity Task Force presents the database with
Resources for Human Rights Activists in Danger

Originally, the idea to form the Solidarity Group came about in 2014, when it became clear that pressure on civil society organisations was felt not only in Russia but in several EU countries as well.  Forum members realised that it was time to take joint action. Last year, the Group members developed the “Organisational Principles and Strategy”, which laid foundation for the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum solidarity work.

Priorities of the Forum solidarity work are:

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    Raising awareness of the situation with member organisations of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum under threat/risk

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    Organising solidarity actions

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    Providing prompt assistance to the Forum member organisations and external organisations and activists in need, whose cases might have an impact on the situation of civil society in a specific country or region

Solidarity Organisational Principles and Strategy

The Solidarity Group welcomes information and appeals for help from any Forum members and non-members.  The group will assess the information and decide whether any assistance can be provided and/or how solidarity can be expressed. Depending on the specific situation, the Group can organize solidarity mission to attend court hearing or public protest or issue a statement.

To contact the Group please send a message to:

Protonmail: This e-mail service allows for end-to-end encrypted messages between Protonmail users. You can create an account free of charge at and send us a message to  solidarity-eu-russia-csf(at) Attention: If you send an e-mail from another provider to this address, it will not be encrypted!



Katarzyna Batko-Toluc

Citizens Network Watchdog, Warsaw

Olga Salomatova

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Warsaw

Elena Shakhova

Citizens’ Watch, Saint-Petersburg

Natalia T

Natalia Taubina

Public Verdict Foundation, Moscow

Vitaly S

Vitaly Servetnik

Russian Socio-Ecological Union, Saint-Petersburg