The expert group “Fighting Transborder Corruption” was founded in November 2014 by civil society activists and experts from Russia and Europe. The group is aimed at contributing to the international fight against corruption. Its members investigate large international projects (e.g. infrastructure construction or resource extraction) carried out in Russia or the EU by private or state owned corporations. Such projects are often closed for civil oversight, characterized by indications of corruption and lack of transparency, and accompanied by violation of environmental, socio-economic and human rights.

We set our main goal, to address and fight the problem of transnational corruption, from the viewpoint of civil society. At every investigation, indications of human, social-economic rights abuses, and environmental damage are identified and described. The group offers recommendations to states, civil societies and international organizations to reduce harms caused by transborder corruption for the local population.

The members of the group act as independent experts participating in internal discussion exchange of ideas, publishing their investigations and recommendations in analytical group reports and presenting them to stakeholders in their countries and internationally.