The Expert group (EG) on Civil Society Research is a platform of permanent communication between individual experts in civil society research in the EU and Russia created by the CSF in October 2018. It consists of all interested report experts – including some CSF members – as well as the editorial team of the Report.


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    To help the CSF and CSF members with provision of knowledge and facilitation of the mutual understanding of the civil society conditions and agenda in EU countries and Russia;

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    To provide the CSF and CSF members with the expertise and arguments for the advocacy through the preparation of the annual Report and possible other products;

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    To create opportunities for the EG members to exchange knowledge and information about the civil society research as well as related events and developments;

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    To contribute to better dissemination of the CSF expertise and visibility among different target groups including civil society research and in the academic field;

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    To provide opportunities for the CSF members to get expertise, consultations and even research services (on demand and under special conditions) as well as to be included into the researchers’ network.


  • Research on the annual Reports;
  • Discussion of the research methodology and development of the Reports through methodological workshops and online discussions;
  • Dissemination of the published Report to the libraries and relevant target audiences in the relevant countries;
  • Dissemination of the research results through organization of public presentations and events; through press conferences and media publications; through participation in the conferences and other public events organized by others;
  • Exchange of the relevant experiences and information through common E-Mail and other informational services;
  • Development of common additional research projects and other forms of cooperation;
  • Fundraising for the research activities of the CSF.



Andrey Demidov, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary


Elena Belokurova, German-Russian Exchange, St. Petersburg


PAVEL ANTONOV, BlueLink (Sofia, Bulgaria)
ELENA BELOKUROVA, German-Russian Exchange (St. Petersburg, Russia)
ANDREY DEMIDOV, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)
PAVEL HAVLICEK, Association for International Affairs (Prague, Czech Republic)
BULCSÚ HUNYADI, Political Capital (Budapest, Hungary)
ULLA PAPE, Free University Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
FILIP PAZDERSKI, Institute of Public Affairs (Warsaw, Poland)
YULIA SKOKOVA, Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)
ANNA SKVORTSOVA, Centre for NGOs Development (St. Petersburg, Russia)
KRISTINA SMOLIJANINOVAITĖ, EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, Secretariat (Berlin, Germany)
MÁRIA MURRAY SVIDROŇOVÁ, Matej Bel University (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)
KSENIA VAKHRUSHEVA, Environmental Rights Centre BELLONA (St. Petersburg, Russia)
PAMALA WIEPKING, IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (Indianapolis, USA) and VU Amsterdam (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)