The work of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum is structured according to the topics and the areas of interest of individual Forum members and supporters or Forum entities. Dependent on the way of the organisation, the topics might be addressed by:

WGs are thematic platforms for permanent communication between Forum members and supporters, which are free to move from one WG to another and to form a new WG. The pre-requisite for the latter is to have at least three members from the EU and three members from Russia. Each WG also has a coordinator or several coordinators representing this vis-à-vis the General Assembly, other WGs, the Board, the Secretariat and external audiences.

EGs are platforms of permanent communication between individual experts in a thematic field of interest for the Forum. Members of EGs can come from Forum participants as well as be external experts from Russia and the EU. An EG is initiated by the Board. Each EG should include at least one Forum Board member in order to ensure its connection with the Forum functions. The EG is represented by the coordinator(s), who play(s) an identical role to WG coordinators for their groups.

TFs are temporary groups of individual representatives of Forum participants and the Secretariat, working on a specific goal or a specific field of activity, determined in the Forum strategy and/ or an activity plan. A TF is initiated by the Board and can consist of different numbers of individuals, depending on the specific aim of the group. At least one member of the TF shall be a representative of the Board. The TF is represented by the coordinator(s), who play(s) an identical role to WG and EG coordinators for their groups.

For more details on the ways of organisation of the work on topics and areas of interest for the Forum, please consult our By-Laws. To learn more about the work of the specific entities, look up separate sub-sections.