The program is implemented under the Agreement №С-181-АК/Д19 from 30.06.2012, the provision of subsidies for state supported NGOs, concluded between the CC OO "Initiative" and the Economic Development Ministry, in partnership with organizations – members of the Siberian center of network social development, operating in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk and Tyumen regions, Altai and Krasnoyarsk territories, the Altai Republic.

Implementation period: 01.08.2012 – 31.12.2013.

Program Coordinator in the Tyumen region: Foundation of the city of Tyumen

Program goal

Assisting socially oriented non-profit organizations working in the field of social services for public.

Program objectives
  1. Summarize NGOs  experience,  working with in the field of social services.
  2. Recommend improvements of the NGOs participation mechanisms in the field of social service on the federal and regional levels.
  3. Replicate effective and innovative NGOs  tools  in order to improve social services
Expected results

Created website that describes the NGOs experience, which are aimed to provides social services to the public and contains a database of information on regional legislation in this area, as well as other promotional items.

Due to the electronic database of regional legislation to the scope of social services, the NGOs would have opportunity to learn other regions experience, and analyze the most effective models of legal and regulatory support, advance base in the region.

Described experience of not less than 100 Siberian NGOs in the provision of social services to the public, subsequented by the web.

Toolkit with a NGO experience description will be issued in 1000 copies.

4 seminars will be developed and placed for on-line use, which will increase the level of staff knowledge of at least 500 NGOs (considering downloads from the site.)

12 round table discussions of the program participants will be placed on, recommendations  to improve legislation will be worked out.
Results of the activities program " NGO Social Services for public"  will be presented for no less than 50 participants for the further replication.

As a result of the evaluation conference recommendations for changes in federal legislation will be made. In particular, within the discussion of the bill "The basis of social services in the Russian Federation."

More information about this project (in Russian)

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