On 18-20 September 2017, representatives of the Working Group (WG) “Civic Education” visited Budapest within the Forum’s study tours programme. The trip was organised by the Subjective Values Foundation.
The visit included meetings at the Council of Europe with its educational programmes related to human rights and campaigns (such as “No Hate Speech”) and the House of Terror with good examples for how to deal with the past and run educational training activities based on historical events.
‘One of the most striking impressions of the trip was a tour at the Holocaust Memorial Centre,’ admits Andrei Suslov of the Centre for Civic Education and Human Rights (Perm, Russia), WG’s Coordinator. ‘On the one hand, it has to do with the exhibition itself – a modern, emotional, and interactive one. Besides, our guide was a daughter of survivals of the Nazi genocide. On the other hand, we were involved in trying out a method of working with photos having been applied in the activities with students. Some of the insights from the Centre’s educational programmes might be also used in our future work.’
Other site visits included the European Commission’s Representation and the Dialogue Platform Association, which featured the situation of Muslim women and their rights.