On 26 October 2016, the Civic Charter was officially launched at the Global Perspectives Conference in Berlin, Germany.

‘Our world faces a multitude of problems today,’ writes Maina Kiai, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association, on the Charter’s official website. ‘But our biggest difficulty, truly, is that so many of us are excluded from having a say of how to solve these problems. I am thus proud to endorse this Civic Charter, which is a concise yet thorough reaffirmation of everyone’s right to participate in their societies.’

The Civic Charter is now available at www.civiccharter.org for sign-ons by individuals and organisations worldwide. We would be grateful for distribution of this information to your contacts.

‘The Civic Charter is a joint effort of civil society actors, human rights defenders and NGOs from around the globe,’ says Anna Sevortian, Executive Director at the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, one of the contributors to the document. ‘And the result is an essential two-pager, which, we believe, will ease the operations of our colleagues and civil societies as such.’
The Civic Charter is now finished but the project is only starting – so stay tuned, involved and connected, so we can further strengthen our struggle for civic participation.
To learn more on the document, please go to the comprehensive Civic Charter brochure.