in the right hand menu. Then click ‘create new article’ (grey square with small green circle with white cross). Fill in title, subtitle, and text. Sometimes problems with copying from Word, this can be resolved by clicking the icon with two pointing brackets (toggle next mode) and deleting the funny-looking bits of code in the text. Also remember to make sure the text is ‘align-justified’ by going to the drop-down menu ‘block-style’ and selecting ‘align-justify’. Go through each section, chang

nothing for ‘special’, ‘media’ or ‘access’. In ‘categories and relations’ choose in which category the news article should appear; you can choose multiple. Be sure to delete ‘old default’ by clicking on it and then clicking the cross button. Then in the box ‘available items’ click the little arrow which will show a drop-down menu. Choose the news categories. Remember to uncheck the ‘hide’ box at the top of the tab ‘general’. When you are satisfied that the article is ready, clear all caches and save. Always check on the website that the upload has been successful.