Source: Youth "Memorial"

On 27th November 2013, Natalia Ivanova, judge of Leninskii district court, declared that the actions of the deputy procurator of the Perm region in relation to the Perm organisation Youth “Memorial” were illegal.

The case was a result of the district procurator’s demand that Youth “Memorial” be included in the register of non-commercial organisations carrying out the functions of a foreign agent. In response to this demand, Youth “Memorial” filed a lawsuit against the procurator.

Youth “Memorial” was accused of carrying out ‘hostile’ activities in Russia on behalf of its foreign supporters, although the prosecution could not produce a single piece of evidence confirming this during the court proceedings. A range of other fabricated accusations were also filed against Youth “Memorial” and were considered sufficient grounds upon which to demand that the organisation register as a body carrying out the functions of a foreign agent.

The six-month struggle against such unfounded accusations ended in a victory for Youth “Memorial”. The help of lawyers from The Human Rights Centre “Memorial” (Moscow), The Perm Civic Chamber and the Perm Region Human Rights Centre was decisive in achieving this result.

The full statement (in Russian) can be found here.