Human rights defenders (HRDs) are courageous people who are fighting for protection of human rights and thus for the better world. This database is an initiative of the Forum Solidarity Task Force and it contains information collected from open sources on different types of initiatives for the HRDs including journalists, artists, lawyers and researchers. The majority of assistance programmes in this database are designed for the HRDs from Russia, the EU and the countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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SAIH Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund

SAIH is a Norwegian solidarity organization comprised of and working for students, teachers, and academics, operating nationally and internationally with development cooperation, advocacy and campaigns. Since 1961, SAIH has collaborated with partners focusing on various issues pertaining to the protection and promotion of human rights and the right to education.

16 Feb 2022

Schwulenberatung Berlin

The main philosophy of Schwulenberatung Berlin is about the humanistic understanding of people: every individual or system has the resources necessary for further development and primarily needs a framework in order to be able to go through the processes necessary for the development of this immanent potential. Human experience and action always strive for growth, expansion and perfection. With its various offers, Schwulenberatung Berlin would like to offer a framework in which the processes required for this can take place.

07 Jan 2022


TGEU is a membership-based organisation which means members are the guiding voices of the organisation. Individuals and organisations can take part in the European and Central Asian trans movement through their membership.

Russian Social and Environmental Union

The Russian public organization the Socio-Ecological Union carries out its activities to protect nature, the social and environmental rights of citizens, and support environmental solutions in all regions of the Russian Federation.


MitOst is a network organization that enables activities and programmes which foster cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable urban and rural development – beyond cultural, sectoral or linguistic borders. As part of a growing pan-European network, MitOst supports citizens in participating actively in their societies and in acting according to democratic principles.

04 Jan 2022


Off-University creates new strategies to uphold and sustain academic life and knowledge threatened by anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes. It was established for and by academics from Turkey yet addresses itself to academics all over the world: academics who have been purged from their institutions, forced to resign, who are legally and politically persecuted and even imprisoned because of their opinion and research.

30 Dec 2021

Institute of International Education iie

IIE’s mission is to help people and organizations leverage the power of international education to thrive in today’s interconnected world. IIE believes that when education transcends borders, it opens minds, enabling people to go beyond building connections to solving problems together. IIE’s vision is a peaceful, equitable world enriched by the international exchange of ideas and greater understanding between people and cultures.

25 Feb 2021

Agir Ensemble pour les Droits Humains

Agir ensemble pour les droits humains is a non-governmental organisation created in 1989 to support and protect human rights defenders around the world.

05 Feb 2021

Inter Arts Center

Inter Arts Center (IAC) is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, and part of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University. It acts as a meeting place and a work space for researchers and artists who use the facilities for short or long-term projects. IAC also offers five residency programmes in cooperation with partner institutions.

01 Feb 2021

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) is Germany’s oldest intermediary organisation for international cultural relations. It promotes a peaceful and enriching coexistence between people and cultures worldwide. ifa supports artistic and cultural exchange in exhibition, dialogue and conference programmes, and it acts as a centre of excellence for international cultural relations. It is part of a global network and relies on sustainable, long-term partnerships.

26 Jan 2021

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