Dear colleagues – participants of the working group „Social Issues and Civic Participation“!
We invite you to organize a Skype conference before our meeting in St. Petersburg on September 3 at 13 h, Moscow time to discuss the issues for the working group and in a framework of the plenary agenda. 
It is also important to assign the person in charge of preparation of the project’s programme document that will be a part of the common EU-RUS CSF packet for the Summit members.
The most active participants of our group (Svetlana Makovetskaya and Oleg Sharipkov) already sent first thematic suggestions:

1. Role of citizens in the local communities’ development.
2. Local communities, social rights and development of social environment for people.
3. Problem of the culture of “concord of discordants” in the local communities.
4. Challenges for economy and culture of local communities (global, State, trans-civilizational, informational-consultative).
5. Possibility of civic peace on local level under conditions of radicalization.

LAPAS (Natalya Demianenko) from European side and Community Foundation of Tyumen” (Vera Barova) are temporarily coordinators of the working group.
We have to elect the new group coordinators during the Forum in October.
Vera Barova