The Russian version of the Report "Lack of Transparency and Indicators of Transborder Corruption in Investment Projects in Russia" prepared by the members of the Forum’s Fighting Transborder Corruption Group has been published.

The report is focused on two case studies – building of an oil, petrochemical, and LNG terminal on the Taman Peninsula in the Krasnodar Region and construction of a nickel mining plant on the Khopior River in the Voronezh Region. While both projects funded from abroad are implementing, the environment is affected as well as rights of citizens and local populations are violated. Funding and licensing without holding to the norms and laws, selection of enterprises in the course of non-transparent tenders, and close relations between their directors and officials on the regional and federal level are clear indications for classical corruption schemes.
The report deals with corruption backgrounds of both construction works as well as provides a deeper insight into transborder corruption practices in investment projects in Russia. At the end of the publication, overall indicators for transborder corruption are given. The full text of the report in English may be downloaded here and in Russian here.