Summer months were busy for the authors and contributors of the Reflecting Europe multimedia dossier. In tandems and individually they travelled to different corners of Europe: to the border between Hungary and Austria, to Serbia, Saxony and Saratov, to Berlin-Marzahn and Moscow as well as to Kyiv and Kaliningrad. They spoke to witnesses of the peaceful liberation movements and the perestroika, to civil society activists born in 1989, to politicians and ‘ordinary’ citizens of Europe. They discovered unfulfilled promises and dreams, missed chances, disturbances, unfinished business but also a new sense of freedom and active citizenship. They reflected their encounters and discussions in forms of texts, podcasts, photo collages and video. Now the team intensively works on editing, polishing and putting together all pieces into one ‘whole’.

We will officially launch our platform online and offline in the beginning of December. To get into the mood for what to read, see and listen to on Reflecting Europe, we are happy to share an already existing piece of it – “1989-2019: from open Europe to fortress Europe” written by our participant and journalist Maria Baldovin (Belgium/Italy).