In March we have completed the second reconfirmation round of membership status in the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. Members that have been with us for more than two years were offered to complete a questionnaire with self-evaluation questions to reflect on their activity in the Forum. Overall, 160 organisations took part in the questionnaire. The results have shown that out of them, 76% have been actively involved with at least one of the projects of the Forum, and as many as 48% of Members were the most active and took part in more than one CSF project. Despite the pandemic and difficulties in the work, associated with it, 71% of members took part in our Networking Conference in Belgrade, which shows a high level of commitment to the Forum. 

The reconfirmation procedure has also helped some organisations to realize that, at the moment, they do not have enough capacity to actively contribute to the Forum work, and made the decision to change their status from members to supporters of the Forum (5 organisations) or to leave the Forum (6 organisations). At the same time, 2 of the Forum supporters saw a big potential and benefits in more active participation in our association and decided to upgrade their status to members.  

In the questionnaire, we have also collected valuable feedback from organisations on how we can improve the work of CSF. We will take all ideas and suggestions into consideration when planning our next activities and communicating with members. Secretariat would like to thank all participants of the reconfirmation procedure. In those unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to cooperate and support each other and we are glad that our members keep up the high level of activity and engagement. From our side, we will do our best to support them as much as possible.