Study Tours (ST) is a programme for EU-Russia Civil Society Forum’s members to strengthen their practical knowledge and skills as well as their outreach, international and organisational competence. In total, three competitions will be organised for the Working / Expert Groups in 2018-2020 (this is the second open call, a third call for applications will be published in autumn 2019). Joint Study Tours for several Working/ Expert Groups’ and emerging Groups and initiatives will be also supported.

In this round, the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (Forum or CSF) will support at least 5 study tours (ST) designed by the CSF different Groups to enhance their activities and broaden networking opportunities. The total budget for Study Tours in this round is 32,500€. Each Working / Expert Group can send more than one application and the maximum request per study tour should be no more than 6,500€.

With the help of the Study Tours, the Forum members will get an opportunity to take part in workshops or conferences aimed at learning from experiences of other networks operating in the same field, or organise themselves a study tour or workshop aimed at exchange of experiences in the same field, networking and enhancing knowledge.

As of July 2019, there are 12 Working / Expert Groups (WGs) in the Forum:

The call has ended. A new call for applications will be opened soon.

To learn more about the objectives of the Study Tours, the decision-making and other details on the application process please refer to the guidelines of Study Tours at the documents section of the internal platform for Forum members and supporters.

CONTACTS (Christina Riek, Project Coordinator)