In 2019 ­- 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain – Europe finds itself once again at a crossroads: European society is facing immense challenges due to the shifting borders of Europe, elections and social transformations. The question of Russia’s role and its involvement in the major challenges in Europe is more relevant than ever.

The research and documentation project “Reflecting Europe” focuses on current European issues and on the “transformation year” of 1989 by creating a space for reflection and finding solutions through the cooperation of activists, media representatives and NGOs from Russia and EU countries. Later in 2019, the results of the project will be presented for discussion to a broader public in the form of a multimedia dossier.


During this workshop at the Red Square Festival in Berlin on 17 May 2019, the project’s team encouraged participants to share their memories of 1989, to discuss different narratives, as well as to share family stories and compare their perceptions.

1989: the year of the rapid transformations in Europe that have changed the course of history.
— The Berlin Wall between East and West Germany fell representing the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union on November 9th;
— The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia was a non-violent transition of power, occurring from 17 November to 29 December 1989.

Later, Scorpions wrote a song — “Wind of Change” — an anthem of the milestones Europe was going through.


The Kick-off will take place in the North-Western part of Russia in the city of Arkhangelsk  – a city that has significance for the relations between Russia and its European neighbouring countries, between  23-26 June 2019. In cooperation with the local NGO „Garant“, we will host 16 participants from Russia and the EU to a series of workshops and activities, which include:

– Laboratory: Discussing and clustering different European topics, stories and questions. Practical input, tools and know-how on the production of various media.

– Field trips and discussions with local heroes, activists and organisations in Arkhangelsk.

– Formation of tandems/teams for the research and development of so-called “reflective pieces”, professional guidance and mentoring.


  • Production of “reflective pieces” of various genres in tandems from the Kick-Off Forum, for example in the form of articles, podcast series, series of images, infographics, videos etc.
  • Possibility of interview and research trips into different European regions.
  • Publication in a multimedia dossier.
  • Public events, launch of the dossier and discussions are planned for the 9.11.2019 in Berlin as well as in the regions of the participants.