Partnership Projects are organised to support collective projects of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) members aiming at their capacity building and maximising CSF external social impact and outreach.

The funding is available for co-operation on all the major topics of the CSF existing and emerging working and expert groups: human rights, environment, social issues, development of democratic structures, civic education, historical memory and education, fighting transborder corruption, migration.


Project proposals must address topics of general interest to the civil societies and the EU-Russia relations as well as be consistent with CSF mission. Each project shall fit several criteria:

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    clearly formulated expected practical outcomes,

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    bi-lateral participation – both on the EU and Russian members’ participation and the activity taking place in the EU country or/and in Russia,

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    high-quality content and integrity of the project,

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    activities reaching out to local or international communities and presenting the work implemented on behalf of the CSF.


Two competitions will be organised through 2018-2020. Projects will be supported by a maximum of 30.000 € that last between 6 and 12 months.

  • To learn more about the projects which were awarded the grant on the first open call in Spring 2018, please see “Projects 2018-2019“.
  • The second open call was announced in Spring 2019 and closed in July 2019. The results and the awarded projects will be published soon.