The idea of the Legal Dialogue online journal is to provide a platform for vivid dialogue about relevant legal issues for representatives of NGOs, lawyers, law students and interested general public, thus expanding the range of active participants and beneficiaries of the Legal Dialogue programme of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.

Like the programme itself, the journal covers a wide range of topics. Our aim is to explain legal issues relevant for Russian civil society to our readers in the EU, as well as to make the actual legal questions, problems and practices in the EU/ EU countries more understandable in Russia.

Of course, the substantive content of the journal also depends on your communicated wishes and your active contributions. We invite you to send us topic proposals or concrete questions for discussion, announcements of interesting events or specific proposals of publications, as well as general ideas for further improvement of the journal. Please note that LDJ is open to publish translations of publications after the approvement by the editorial committee, if they have not been published in Russian and English yet.

We are open for your proposals and are looking forward to developing together an intensive, interesting and useful Legal Dialogue!

Please send us your topics, questions and material for publishing to