The Young Professionals Platform “Europe Lab” is a growing network for communication, exchange and the development of common project initiatives for changemakers from all over Europe working in public administration, business, NGOs, academia, think tanks, and other fields of professional engagement. The main goals of “Europe Lab” are to enable cross-sector cooperation and promote exchange of ideas, develop partner and professional networks, and encourage common cross-border projects and initiatives all over Europe.

Every year in July, the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum invites young professionals aged between 25 and 35 from the EU,

Russia and other European states for the annual Forum “Europe Lab”. The best common projects, developed during the Forum, get the chance to receive follow-up grants. The working language of the Forum is English.

The “Europe Lab” Forum is organized in different places in Europe, all connected to the topic of Historical Memory. The first Forum “Europe Lab” took place in July 2015 in Vilnius and Raiseiniai, Lithuania, in cooperation with the Raseiniai Local History Museum. The following year, in July 2016, the “Europe Lab” was hosted in Vukovar, Croatia. In July 2017, the European Solidarity Centre hosted “Europe Lab” in Gdańsk, Poland. In July 2018, the Forum took place in Piteşti, Romania at the Piteşti Prison Memorial. All information about the programme, venue and workshops of the Europe Lab 2019 is available here.

For more information regarding the programme, the workshops offered each year, the selection criteria and logistics, please
visit the website and stay updated via Facebook.