On June 4-5, 2019, a workshop “Think Critically in the Context of Global Civic Education” was held in Vilnius. This workshop is a part of the “Think critically!” project, which is initiated and implemented by the Forum Working Group “Civic Education” in the framework of Partnership Projects grants scheme. A total number of 16 NGOs’ representatives from Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, and Poland participated in the workshop. Most of them took part in the activities of the project, some got acquainted with its developments.

The conference participants received information about the experience of colleagues who conducted events in the course of the project. However, the main focus was on the discussion of the main “products” created within the project: the methodical recommendations for the training on teaching critical thinking for teachers and a test on critical thinking for a wider audience.

“Products” were presented in an interactive format – in the format of conducting individual training sessions and solving test tasks. It followed by a detailed discussion, which was engaging and critical, sometimes quite emotional.

Taking into account the comments, the training scenario and test cases will be finalized, the outcomes will be translated into English, German, Polish and Lithuanian languages ​​and posted on the websites of the Center for Civic Education and Human Rights, School Projects, “Civic Education Navigator” , in the WG “Civic Education” section of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and in social media.

The conference ended with a discussion about the prospects and opportunities for promoting learning of critical thinking through joint initiatives.

Andrey Suslov, Coordinator of the WG “Civic Education”