Work with Students 2016

WORKING MEETING "JOINT FORCES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW CLINICS & NGOS IN DEALING WITH MIGRATION ISSUES"   24 November 2016, Paris On the 24th of November 2016 an international working meeting “Joint Forces of International Law Clinics & NGOs in dealing with migration issues” took place in Paris. This meeting was [...]
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Work with Students 2017

THEMATIC FOCUS 2017: REFUGEE LAW CLINICS One of the projects within the Legal Dialogue Programme for 2017 involved Refugee Law Clinics (RLC). Its aim was to engage legal clinics in working on the field of migration and create synergies with NGOs. Migrants, especially refugees, have little to no access to [...]
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Work with Students 2018

INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL "FUTURE LAWYERS: ESSENTIAL SKILLS TO SUCCESS"   August 2018, Kaliningrad, Russia Following the successful experience of 2017, in August 2018, the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum took part in the international summer school "Future Lawyers: Essential Skills to Success" at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. This year, in [...]
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Symposium 2016

INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM "DOMESTIC LAW IN A GLOBAL UPSWING? THE STRAINED RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC LAW"   30-31 May 2016, Berlin, Germany   View or download programme here   Click here to watch the film Since the end of the last century Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have been very successful [...]
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About MHG Expert Conference

EXPERT CONFERENCE AND PUBLIC EVENT "FOUR DECADES AND THE FUTURE OF THE HELSINKI MOVEMENT. THE CHALLENGES FOR THE SECURITY AND COOPERATION IN EUROPE TODAY"   30-31 May 2016, Berlin, Germany   Click here to watch the film The Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG) is the oldest running and leading human rights [...]
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Symposium 2017

INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM "THREAT PERCEPTIONS - DRIVERS FOR POLICY CHANGE IN RUSSIA AND THE EU?"   16-18 November 2017, Berlin Germany   View or download programme here   Interviews with symposium participants On November 16–18, 2017, the international symposium „Threat Perceptions - Drivers for Policy Change in Russia and the EU?” [...]
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Symposium 2018

INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM "PRECARIOUS U-TURN. HOW TO PROTECT OUR ACHIEVEMENTS IN RIGHTS AND JUSTICE?"   1-3 November 2018, Berlin, Germany On November 1-3, 2018, the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) held its third annual Legal Dialogue Symposium in Berlin. This year, the theme of the international conference was “Precarious U-Turn. How [...]
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Travel Grants

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAMME The Legal Dialogue Travel Grants programme offers financial assistance for the participation of legal experts from EU countries in conferences, seminars, round tables, court hearings or other relevant events held in Russia and vice versa. It is also possible to apply for financial support for study [...]
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Legal Dialogue Journal

The idea of the Legal Dialogue online journal is to provide a platform for vivid dialogue about relevant legal issues for representatives of NGOs, lawyers, law students and interested general public, thus expanding the range of active participants and beneficiaries of the Legal Dialogue programme of the EU-Russia Civil Society [...]
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EU-Russia Legal Dialogue

The aim of this programme is to create formats for direct exchange of successful practices and ideas on the use of existing legal mechanisms and for the development of new legal approaches for citizens and civil societies in Russia and the EU. Another aim is to intensify the exchange with [...]
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