Anti-war initiatives of Forum members and partners

RUSSIA Petition to stop the war by "For Human Rights" Statement against the war by "Ivanovo Resource Center" Statement: Stop the War by "Russian Socio-Ecological Union" Petition: Don't leave us in the dark by "Roskomsvoboda" Resource: No War by "" UKRAINE Donations to support LGBTQI+ people during the war in [...]
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Confronting Memories

CONFRONTING MEMORIES The Confronting Memories programme explores the phenomenon of historical memory. What is the connection between the past and the present? How do historical events shape different countries and societies today? With our programme, we create a space for a meaningful dialogue with diverse perspectives on the history of [...]
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Anniversary Events

Within the framework of the celebration dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, the following projects are supported: STORIES OF RUSSIAN AND EUROPEAN LOCAL DEPUTIES Project date: 20 April 2021, 2pm-5pm CET (Facebook event) This public event will be implemented by the Forum’s Working Group on Public [...]
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Reflecting Europe

WHAT IS "REFLECTING EUROPE"? In 2019 ­- 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain - Europe finds itself once again at a crossroads: European society is facing immense challenges due to the shifting borders of Europe, elections and social transformations. The question of Russia's role and its involvement [...]
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Partnership Projects

ABOUT PARTNERSHIP PROJECTS Partnership Projects are organised to support collective projects of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) members aimed at their capacity building and at maximising CSF external social impact and outreach. The funding is available for co-operation on all the major topics of the CSF existing and emerging [...]
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Study Tours

STUDY TOURS Study Tours is a programme for EU-Russia Civil Society Forum’s members to strengthen their practical knowledge and skills as well as their outreach, international and organisational competence. In total, three competitions were organised for the Working / Expert Groups in 2018-2020 and nine Study Tours were supported. Please [...]
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EU-Russia Legal Dialogue

The aim of this programme is to create formats for direct exchange of successful practices and ideas on the use of existing legal mechanisms and for the development of new legal approaches for citizens and civil societies in Russia and the EU. Another aim is to intensify the exchange with [...]
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State of Civil Society

MISSION – FOR CIVIL SOCIETY WITH CIVIL SOCIETY In our research in the EU and Russia we work with communities for a better understanding of the current trends in civil society development. We take not a purely academic but rather a participatory approach dedicated to better conceptualisation of “our Europe”, [...]
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Europe Lab

WELCOME TO EUROPE LAB! Europe Lab unites young people from over 30 European countries, unlocking opportunities for dialogue and common learning. Participants work on cross-sector topics, share best practices, network, develop partnerships and start common international initiatives. Over the last five years, our community has grown to include young activists, [...]
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General Assemblies of the EU-Russia CSF

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Forum. General Assemblies are held once a year and unite Forum members, observers, official representatives and guest participants from EU countries and Russia to address recent developments, assess and discuss Forum activities and future projects. 05/2021: ONLINE READ MORE05/2020: ONLINE [...]
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