The Resilience Fund is managed by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime which is is an independent civil society organization.
The Resilience Fund complements and builds on the Global Initiative’s ongoing work in incubating resilience in communities harmed or threatened by criminal governance. The Resilience Fund identifies and empowers key civil-society actors, and builds their operational capacity, with the aim of creating resilience networks in communities impacted by organized crime and violence.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:


Target group: human rights defenders, journalists, photojournalists, writers, artists, researchers, students

Operates worldwide 

The Resilience Fellowship is an initiative of the Resilience Fund that provides support and opportunities to a cohort of individuals from around the world, including civil-society actors, human-rights activists, journalists, artists, scholars, policymakers, community leaders and others working to counter the effects of organized crime.
Unlike most grants allocated under the Fund, the Resilience Fellowships are selected through an open application process. Applications are open within a specific time window each year.


Target group: human rights defenders, journalists*

Operates worldwide 

For most grants, the Resilience Fund uses an organic grant-selection process rather than open calls for application that typify multi-donor funds. The Resilience Fund works through:

  • Networks of the Global Initiative’s existing staff and programmes
  • Recommendations of the Resilience Fund’s Advisory Council
  • The Global Initiative’s Network of Experts and other partners
  • Organisations’ mapping with local experts

These processes are used to identify, verify and support all stages of the grant-making process.

*Regular grant  is open for community resilience groups, counter-crime advocates, journalism initiatives