Cara is a unique charitable organisation, with no counterpart in Europe. It is firmly embedded in the UK higher education and research community. Sixty-five percent of UK higher education institutions are actively engaged with Cara’s work. Cara has a growing number of international partners too, giving it a global reach.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:


Target group: researchers, students

Operates worldwide 

Cara helps academics who are being forced to flee by the risk of imminent imprisonment, injury or death to find temporary refuge in universities and research institutions until they can one day return home to help re-build better, safer societies.

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Temporary relocation

Career support 

Target group: researchers

Operates worldwide 

Cara helps academics who are unable to return to their own countries in the short term, due to the continuing risk, to identify further options for work or study in the UK or elsewhere. Cara’s aim is to help them to regain their former professional status in academia or in an allied profession, wherever they are, and to make a positive contribution.