The Russian Justice Initiative (RJI) was registered as a non-profit organization in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in September 2001. Since its founding, RJI has focused on the most serious violations of the European Convention on Human Rights related to armed conflict and to post-conflict transition: disappearances, extra-judicial killings, torture and unfair trials.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:

Legal assistance

Target group: human rights defenders

Operates in
the Caucasus region

The organization provides legal support in Russian law enforcement authorities and European Court of Human Rights for those who have suffered from:
1. Threats and assaults on human and civil rights activists and refusal to effective investigation.
2. Violations of the right to freedom of assembly (such as being arrested during a rally, a refusal to approve a rally, dispersal, a fine or a possibility of a fine being imposed).
3. Violations of the right to freedom of association (persecution of a NGO, such as revisions and being listed as a foreign agent).
4. Pressuring for expressing opinions, including those made online.