The main philosophy of Schwulenberatung Berlin is about the humanistic understanding of people: every individual or system has the resources necessary for further development and primarily needs a framework in order to be able to go through the processes necessary for the development of this immanent potential. Human experience and action always strive for growth, expansion and perfection. With its various offers, Schwulenberatung Berlin would like to offer a framework in which the processes required for this can take place.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:

Safety & Security 

Target group:
LGBT+ rights defenders

Operates in Berin*

Schwulenberatung Berlin can provide services in many languages ​​such as Arabic, English, French, Greek, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Russian or Turkish. Even if your language is not listed above, they will always strive to find a suitable interpreter. Schwulenberatung Berlin is here to help those seeking advice, counseling and long or short term support.

They offer 1-on-1 and / or group counseling in all matters regarding:

  • Coming out
  • Mental health
  • Age related problems
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Addiction
  • HIV / AIDS

* assistance is provided for those who are already in Berlin, Germany.

Asylum assistance* 

Target group:
LGBT+ rights defenders

Operates in Berin*

Are you Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, or Intersex (LGBTI)?

Café Kuchus provides you with a pleasant and safe place to meet other LGBTI refugees, ask the social workers about whatever you need, or just to have some tea and access our WIFI network.

They are happy to help you with a first orientation in Berlin and advise you about LGBTI-friendly lawyers, doctors, psychotherapists, and language courses providers as well as information about nightlife and free time and cultural activities.

They speak English, German, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish and French. For other languages, we work with LGBTI-sensitive translators.

* assistance is provided for refugees who are already in Berlin, Germany.