Inter Arts Center (IAC) is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, and part of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University. It acts as a meeting place and a work space for researchers and artists who use the facilities for short or long-term projects. IAC also offers five residency programmes in cooperation with partner institutions.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:


Temporary relocation

Target group: artists, researchers, human rights defenders, students

Operates worldwide 

Inter Arts Center hosts five residency programmes in collaboration with other institutions and organisations.
Besides, the most opened way to enter the IAC for artistic research is the OPEN CALL with two application dates a year (1 May, 1 November).
The residents as well as the long-term collaborators are a vital part of IAC and contribute to the vibrant environment where experimental and multidisciplinary artists and researchers have the opportunity to meet and collaborate.