Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF) envisions a world in which everyone can freely and safely promote and enjoy all human rights. Empowered human rights defenders and strong and independent civil society are key to this vision. HRHF is an international organisation headquartered in Oslo with an office in Geneva and representation in Brussels and Tbilisi. HRHF holds consultative status at the United Nations and participatory status at the Council of Europe.

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Target group: human rights defenders

Operates worldwide 

HRHF works with national human rights organisations to establish Human Rights Houses. The aim is to protect, empower, and support human rights organisations and defenders at the national level. Ultimately, the Houses aim at strengthening civil society and advancing human rights. HRHF supports Houses by providing – where possible and there is needed – core funding for premises and operational costs, as well as funding joint projects implemented by two or more member organisations of a House.