The Scholars at Risk Program at Harvard has been the largest, most vigorously active, and most successful program of its kind in the country, and perhaps in the world. A member of an international network of participating universities, Harvard SAR has provided sanctuary to dozens of professors, lecturers, researchers, artists, writers, and other intellectuals who are at risk.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:


Target group: human rights defenders, researchers, students, artists, writers

Operates outside of the United States

The Scholars at Risk fellowship is intended to provide a safe environment for a scholar to pursue research and scholarly or artistic interests; it is not envisaged as an opportunity to mobilize political support on the issues giving rise to the scholar’s predicament (though such activity is not excluded). At present, Harvard’s Scholars at Risk fellowship, which lasts for a maximum of ten months, provides stipend, insurance coverage, and travel (depending on the location of the scholar and the number of dependents). At the end of the fellowship period, fellows will have to return to the home country or seek placement elsewhere.