Centre de la Protection Internationale (CPI) is a human rights organization dedicated to the protection of human rights and freedoms of individuals in Council of Europe countries both directly and by assisting, collaborating with, and supporting the civil society in these countries, especially where it is under pressure and lacks independence to take actions.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:


Target group: lawyers

Operates worldwide 

The mentoring program is intended to assist junior lawyers who feel that they would benefit from the experience and knowledge of a more senior lawyer to acquire or enhance particular skills and practical knowledge to carry out their professional work. The Centre supports young lawyers by advising them on litigation strategy and procedure, relevant substantive law, and preparation/drafting of complaints and communications to international judicial and quasi-judicial human rights bodies.

Legal assistance

Target group: human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers

Operates worldwide 

One of the Centre’s top priorities is extending support to human rights lawyers, defenders, activists, journalists and organizations who face interference with and retaliation for their human rights advocacy. The Centre provides them pro bono legal assistance (consultations, strategic advice and representation in domestic courts and/or international human rights institutions).
The legal assistance to human rights lawyers, activists, journalists and organizations is free and provided in Russian, English, French, Armenian and Ukrainian languages.