Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organisation of the civil society for defending basic human rights in the Republic of Bulgaria: political, civil, cultural, and social. It was established in 1992. The focus is on defending the most vulnerable members of Bulgarian society: children, women, people with disabilities, unpopular minorities, and people deprived of liberty.

Types of assistance offered by the organisation:

Legal assistance

Target group: human rights defenders

Operates in Bulgaria 

In strategically selected cases the BHC provides free legal aid to victims of human rights abuses in Bulgaria. Legal aid consists of consultations or legal representation before national and supranational institutions.

The BHC also works on educational initiatives in the field of human rights by organising conferences, seminars, and other forms of civic initiatives that promote knowledge and respect towards human rights in Bulgaria.

Asylum assistance 

Target group: human rights defenders

Operates in Bulgaria*

The BHC’s program for legal aid of refugees and migrants provides assistance in the procedure for international protection.

*available for any nationalities seeking asylum in Bulgaria