On request of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, Karol Bijoś, a Member of the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats (Warsaw, Poland), prepared an article on online observation of the latest Parliamentary Elections in Russia:

In June-September 2016, the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats and the European Platform for Democratic Elections implemented the “Young Election Observers” (YEO) Project supported within the Open Call Mechanism of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. The project’s mission was to highlight the situation of Russian election observers in Poland and other EU countries.
After having organised a specialised training and conducted a long-term observation with 14 participants from Poland, the Netherlands and Italy, we reached the E-Day (18 September 2016) preparation week. Unfortunately, the YEO group failed to receive the accreditation of the Russian Central Election Commission. Subsequently, the YEO coordinator decided to open a new recruitment process and – thanks to a good promotion – the group grew to 26 people. YEO consisted of 24 observers from 7 European countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia) as well as two observers from the USA. All of them were provided with a training through via a webinar platform.
We were able to cover the whole duration of the elections throughout Russia – in all time zones. For instance, Chukotka and Kamchatka, the Eastern-most parts of Russia, opened polling stations at 10pm CET already (i.e. 8am local time) – and the observation mission was subsequently fulfilled by the US observers, as it was more convenient for them time-wise.
As the main goal of the Young Election Observers was to support civil society in Russia, we also gave an opportunity to the observers to use media, including social ones, as a primary election monitoring method. Intensive work shed light on nearly 100 falsifications found with few ballot stuffing, bussing and illegal agitation during the E-Day.
The following week after the elections was extremely busy for the YEO. Along with the Polish-Russian Centre of Dialogue and Understanding and the Centre for Eastern European Studies, the members of the project prepared two conferences in Warsaw. The effect was tremendous – with four radio auditions and interviews. The high outreach to the audience raised awareness and impact of the outcome of our work. 
Thanks to this project, the idea of e-observation became a reality. Today Facebook, Twitter or VKontakte are platforms, which can be easily used for an effective election observation. The YEO members are quite confident that it is just a matter of time, when such online tools will grow to one of new methods of observing elections.