In January – early February 2020, Nikola Mokrović, the Board member of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and the archivist of the Documenta Centre for Dealing with the Past (Zagreb, Croatia), visited Moscow and Smolensk.

In Moscow, Nikola Mokrović had meetings with a number of Forum member organisations: International Memorial, the Agency for Social Information, “For Human Rights” Movement, and the Russian Justice Initiative. At the Sakharov Centre, Nikola gave a public lecture on the Yugoslav Wars of the 90s and the culture of memory in the Balkans – a topic that Documenta is engaged in. The lecture gathered a large and motivated audience.

In Smolensk, Nikola Mokrović met with representatives of two local Forum member organisations, the Public Opinion Club and the Ryvok Foundation, and gave a public lecture about the Balkan Wars and their impact on the modern Balkan countries in the “Shtab” creative space. The next day, he visited the Katyn Memorial, created at the site of the execution of several thousands of Polish officers as well as Soviet citizens by NKVD.