Do Not Leave Russians Behind! The Alarming Situation of Independent Civil Society Actors and Media Outlets Inside of Russia 1 April 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine and Call for Peace in Europe 24 February 2022

Liquidation of International Memorial and HRC Memorial: No to Usurpation of the Right to Historical Memory 29 December 2021

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Statement by members and supporters of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum in relation to the tragic death of Irina Slavina 09 October 2020

 Single Voting Day 2020 in Russia: Legal Arbitrariness, Electoral Fraud and Bans on Broadcasting 21 September 2020

 After Moria: Need for an Urgent Reform of the Common European Asylum System 15 September 2020

Stop Repression and Threats – Solidarity with Belarusian Civil Society 3 August 2020

Stop the Attacks on the Rights of Transgender People in Russia, Hungary and Other Countries 17 July 2020

The Nation-Wide Voting on the Amendments to the Russian Constitution and Its Aftermath: No Fair Procedure, No Observance of Citizens’ Rights 13 July 2020

Stop Liquidation Case against the Human Rights Organisation “Man and Law” 3 July 2020

A Call to Ensure Safety of Elena Milashina and Have a Proper Investigation into the Threats against Her 17 April 2020

A Pandemic Is Not an Excuse for the Violation of Fundamental Rights of Citizens in Europe 9 April 2020

Is It a Fortress Europe? A Call for a Humane Treatment of Refugees and Solidarity 18 March 2020

The Process of Introducing Amendments to the Russian Constitution Is Yet Another Sign for the Lack of Democracy in the Russian Political System 27 January 2020

Situation for Russian Civil Society Deteriorates in 2019 Despite Russia’s Return to PACE: Strong Reaction by the Council of Europe Is Needed 20 December 2019

On the Addition of Czech NGO “People in Need” to the List of “Undesirable Organisations” in Russia 26 November 2019

End Liquidation Attempts against the All-Russia Movement “For Human Rights” 29 October 2019

Stop the Persecution of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee 14 October 2019

Elections in Russia: An Unprecedented Level of Pressure and Electoral Fraud 16 September 2019

Targeting LGBT+ Rights in Poland: Hate Speech and Hatred Can Kill 26 July 2019

Address to the Newly Elected Members of the European Parliament 3 July 2019

Free Roman Udot and Stop the Persecution of His Family Members and the GOLOS Movement Colleagues 21 May 2019

Stop the Persecution of Activists from the Republic of Ingushetia and Ensure Their Rights and Freedoms 17 May 2019

  The Conviction of Oyub Titiev Is a Blatant Violation of the Rule of Law: Human Rights Defenders in the North Caucasus Should Continue Their Work 19 March 2019

  Ensure the Safety and Duly Investigate the Death Threats against Igor Kochetkov 11 February 2019

  Drop Charges against Anastasia Shevchenko and Stop Inhumane Treatment in Russia 4 February 2019

  Release Human Rights Activist Lev Ponomarev 11 December 2018

  Endorsement of the Memorandum by Russian Human Rights Defenders on the Crisis in Relations between the Council of Europe and Russia 29 November 2018

  Statement “The Abduction and Mock Execution of Oleg Kozlovsky Is Yet Another Blatant Case of Violation against Human Rights Defenders in the North Caucasus” 16 October 2018

  Statement “Oyub Titiev Awarded a Václav Havel Human Rights Prize Has Been on a Semi-Closed Trial in Chechnya” 11 October 2018

  Statement “Release Ukrainian Filmmaker Oleg Sentsov” 29 June 2018

  Letter to the Government of the Russian Federation “Human Rights Defender Oyub Titiev Should Be Immediately Released and All Charges against Him Dropped” 18 May 2018

Statement “The Decision to Declare Two More Organisations “Undesirable” in Russia Is a Move against Fair Elections and Independent Election Observation” 19 March 2018

  Statement “Stop the Attacks on Civil Society in Hungary” 11 April 2017

  Statement “Call for Immediate Release of Participants in Peaceful Protests against Corruption in Russia” 29 March 2017

  Statement “Stop Violence against Russian Civil Society Activists and Punish Perpetrators” 4 October 2016

  Statement “Fight against Terror Should in No Way be an Excuse for Violation of Fundamental Rights” 18 July 2016

  Statement “Brexit – Time to Re-Define the European Union” 29 June 2016

  Statement “Stop Attacks on Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in the North Caucasus, Conduct Effective Investigation, and Bring Perpetrators to Justice” 10 March 2016

  Statement “Summoning Employees of Nonprofit Organisations to Security Agencies for “Questioning” Has No Basis in the Law” 24 February 2016

  Statement “New Forms of Crackdown on NGOs Undermine the Existence of Russia’s Third Sector” 12 February 2016

  Statement “Legislative Changes in Poland Undermine Separation of Powers and Threaten the Rule of Law Principles” 13 January 2016

  Statement “Stop the Unfounded and Arbitrary Pressure on the Prominent Russian NGO – the Human Rights Centre “Memorial” 13 November 2015

  Statement “Solidarity with Magomed Mutsolgov: Stop the Pressure on the Prominent Ingush Human Rights Defender” 9 November 2015

  Statement “A Solution for the Refugee Crisis Should Be Sought on Both Governmental and Non-Governmental Level” 25 September 2015

  Statement “Investigate All Attacks against the Joint Mobile Group and Ensure Safety for Human Rights Defenders in the Chechen Republic” 9 June 2015

  Statement “The Law on “Undesirable Organisations” Threatens to Cut Cooperation of Russian Civil Society with Its International Partners” 5 June 2015

  Statement “After 70th Anniversary of Victory over Fascism: Let There Be No More War and Crimes against Humanity” 15 May 2015

  Statement “Call for an Independent Investigation into the Murder of Boris Nemtsov” 4 March 2015

  Statement “The European Union Should Remain Free of Authoritarianism” 17 February 2015

 Statement “Russian Government Should Repeal the Foreign Agents Law and Restart a Dialogue with Independent Russian NGOs” 20 January 2015

  Statement “‘Je Suis Charlie’ – Condemning Terrorist Attacks in France and Urging Against Rise of Anti-Islamic Ideas” 14 January 2015

Statement “International community should urgently provide more humanitarian aid for people in the Donbas region affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine” 29 December 2014

  Statement “Investigate Attacks against the Joint Mobile Group and Provide Safe Working Conditions for Human Rights Defenders in the Chechen Republic” 17 December 2014

  Statement “Appeal for Justice for Anna Sharogradskaya and the Regional Press Institute” 19 November 2014

  Statement “Bring Back the Values of the Autumn of 1989” on the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall 7 November 2014

  Appeal to the European Commission on policies relating to civil society in Russia and in the European Union 28 October 2014

  Statement “The Pressure on NGOs in Hungary Undermines the Rule of Law in the European Union” 15 September 2014

  Statement “Stop the Persecution of “Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg” and the Institute for Freedom of Information Development” 12 September 2014

  Statement “The Memorial Centre of History of Political Repressions “Perm 36″ Should Be Preserved” 14 August 2014

  Statement “New Moves of the Russian Ministry of Justice to Include Leading NGOs into the List of “Foreign Agents” Endanger Development of the EU-Russia Relations” 23 July 2014

  Appeal to the Newly Elected Members of the European Parliament 1 July 2014

  Statement “Amendments to the Russian Law on “Foreign Agents” Signify a New Level of Threat to Civil Society in Russia” 10 June 2014

Statement “On the Goldman Environmental Prize for Suren Gazarian” 8 May 2014

  Statement “On the European Commission Proposal on Amendments to EU Visa Policy” 21 April 2014

  Statement on the international crisis around the situation in Ukraine 19 March 2014

  Statement “Steering Committee of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum: Stop the Threat of War!” 3 March 2014

  Statement “Steering Committee of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum demands immediate release of environmental activist Yevgeny Vitishko” 19 February 2014

  Memorandum on the occasion of the EU-Russia Summit of 28 January 2014 28 January 2014

  The Steering Committee of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum calls for an end to violence and for repealing of repressive laws in Ukraine 27 January 2014

On the persecution of the Memorial Anti-Discrimination Centre 17 December 2013

  EU-Russia Civil Society Forum demands an end to the persecution of ecological activists in the host region of the Winter Olympics 2014 14 November 2013

  On deterioration of the legitimate work of human rights groups in Russia 9 July 2013

  On the persecution of independent civic organisations in Russia in the framework of the legislation on “foreign agents” 11 June 2013

  Again, EU-Russia Summit missed the chance to take down barriers between citizens from the EU and the Russian Federation 10 June 2013

Persecution of members of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum – the Association GOLOS and the Kostroma centre for support of community initiatives – should be stopped immediately 22 April 2013

  Serious concerns about massive inspections of non-profit organisations currently conducted in Russia 21 March 2013

  The Draft Law on Treason is a Threat to International Cooperation of Civil Society 25 October 2012

  Statement of the Steering Committee on the adoption of legislation restricting freedom of assembly in Russia 10 June 2012

  Statement of the Steering Committee on the occasion of the EU – Russia summit in St. Petersburg on 3-4 June 2012 4 June 2012

  Statement by the Steering Committee on Persecution of Suren Gazarian and Other Environmental Activists in Krasnodar Krai 15 March 2012

  Statement by the Steering Committee on campaign harassment of civic and political activists in Nizhny Novgorod 6 March 2012

  Condolences to Václav Havel’s Family and Friends 20 December 2011

  Treatment of Participants of the Protests Against Results of Parliamentary Elections in Russia 16 December 2011

Russian authorities should ensure that Russian citizens are able to exercise the rights for freedom of assembly and expression when demanding free and fair elections 9 December 2011

  Attacks against Civic Activists in Khimki forest 24 May 2011


Stop the Unlawful Prosecution of Civic Activists in Russia 14 February 2022

Save Halimat Taramova from Inhuman Treatment in Chechnya 18 June 2021

The “Dadin Clause” is Back at Play: We Demand Full Acquittal of Yulia Galyamina 23 December 2020

Joint Statement by the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and the Board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum on the Situation in Belarus ahead of the Meeting of EU Foreign Affairs  Ministers, 27-28 August 2020 25 August 2020

Joint Statement by the Board and the Working Group “Environment” of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum: A Massive Oil Spill in Siberia Is Not Only about Environment: It Is Also about Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North 15 June 2020

Joint statement by the Board and the Historical Memory and Education working group of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum “Make Discussion, Not War: Let’s Stop the War for Memory and Monuments” 27 April 2020

Joint statement by the Solidarity Group and the Working Group “Human Rights in Places of Imprisonment” of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum”The Riot in Angarsk Penal Colony: Call to Conduct Public Investigation and Answer the Questions” 23 April 2020

Joint Statement of the Coordination Committee of the Belarusian National Platform of the
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and the Board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum 
18 December 2019

Stand with Perm Memorial – Protect the Memory! 12 November 2019

‘Russian North Is Not a Dump!’ – Stop the Construction Works in Shies and Pressure on Activists 26 June 2019

Joint position of the Initiative Group of Russian human rights defenders on the crisis in relations between the Council of Europe and Russia and of the Board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum on proposals to amend the PACE Rules of Procedure 24 June 2019

  We Need to Hold On to the Principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders 5 December 2018

  Call for Justice and Duly Investigation of the Attack on Andrei Rudomakha and Other Activists of the “Environmental Watch on North Caucasus” 9 January 2018

  Open Letter to President Duda 28 August 2017

  Stop the Attacks on the Volgograd Human Rights Council 10 August 2017

  The “Different Wars” Exhibition Has to Be Continued in Lithuania 17 March 2017

  To the Secretariat of the 21st Conference of the UN FCCC in Paris 7-8 December 2015

  The Decision on Liquidation of the “Environmental Watch on North Caucasus” Contradicts with the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 29 November 2014

  The Lawsuit by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to Shut Down Russian “Memorial” Society is Unlawful and Unconstitutional (Statement by the WG “Historical Memory and Education” and the Steering Committee) 16 October 2014

  On the re-introduction of visas for crew of EU Transport Vehicles by the Russian Federation and reciprocal measures on the EU side 31 October 2012

  Appeal of Human Rights Organizations to the Participants of the EU – Russia Summit in St. Petersburg, 3-4 June 2012 4 June 2012