‘Bridge over troubled waters’

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We dubbed last year as „A Year Like No Other“. The spirit of that statement contained an implicit expectation that we would overcome at least the political and social problems caused by the pandemic. The pandemic created an open-ended situation where huge social and political changes and interventions became an everyday phenomenon, but often with no foreseeable outcomes.

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MediaLab meeting took place in Syktyvkar

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The first season of MediaLab, our media literacy programme for students, journalists, and youth workers from Northwest Russia, ended at the Revolt Center in Syktyvkar. Participants from Veliky Novgorod, Leningrad region, Murmansk region, St.Petersburg, Syktyvkar and other regions presented their projects – all kinds of trainings for schoolchildren, teenagers in […]

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EU-Russia Civil Society Forum Marks GivingTuesday with #GivingxForum Campaign in Solidarity with Russia-based Human Rights Defenders

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In the run-up to this year’s GivingTuesday, EU-Russia Civil Society Forum launches a solidarity campaign in support of human rights defenders in Russia. With #GivingxForum, the association aims to raise 3,500 Euros to provide a Russia-based rights activist with a fellowship at a safe destination within the Forum’s Solidarity Programme.  […]

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Confronting Memories: Autumn School, Krzyzowa 2021

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On 19-23 September 2021, a unique meeting took place as part of the project “Teaching History: See, Acknowledge & Respect” organised by the Confronting Memories programme of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF). Around 20 teachers and non-formal educators from five countries – Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine – […]

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None of Us Can Ignore Climate Change

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Human activities are changing the climate unprecedentedly. On 9 August, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a report warning that many changes are irreversible. Russia is the world’s fourth largest greenhouse gas emitter but so far it is not ready to start the necessary energy transformation.

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