The group of three Russian environmental lawyers and activists took part in study tour to the Netherlands organised by the Legal Dialogue Programme. The main goal of the study tour was to learn about the best practices used in environmental litigation, environmental research methods and successful forms of activism. During four days of the study tour, the participants met with the representatives of the diverse Dutch non-governmental organisations and lawyers including Milieudefensie, Habitat Advocaten en Juristen and Plastic Soup Foundation.

The Netherlands is one of the European leaders when it comes to the environmental protection and civil society plays a big role in this process. During the study tour the participants have learnt about the traditional forms of civic engagement and activism as well as about the big cases, which the Dutch environmental organisations have carried out successfully against the government or the oil giant Shell. “It was useful and important to find out what you can rely on fighting for the rights for yourself, your society and the planet. People and their successes were very motivated, for example, when they managed to achieve environmental justice from the state and huge companies, as well as the attitude of the society, when everyone cares,“ assesses Darya Rudneva, volunteer at Greenpeace Russia and one of the participants of the study tour.