The project’s goal is to clarify the best-practice approaches of welfare programmes and the information spreading of corporate social responsibility in the business sphere and in society as a whole.

The study is of great importance in the field of corporate social responsibility in Russia. Part of the project is a survey on corporate social responsibility by a specially developed method. This results in a ranking of the companies and a contest of the companies’ welfare programmes. The project’s method not only allows the companies to present the amount of their spending on welfare programmes but also demonstrates the substantial aspects of projects, their mission, audience, methods, expectations and results.

Over the past five years of the study’s realisation 117 companies have participated. The best practices have been discussed at workshops in the business sphere and have been brought to the attention of interested parties in the government, society and the media.

By participating in the study companies have the possibility:
•    To improve the effectiveness of their work in the social sphere;
•    To communicate their successes to a great number of stakeholders;
•    To receive consultation on their programmes and to structure their activities;
•    To influence the creation of a favourable attitude in society towards charity and business.   

Traditionally the competition is supported by the ministry of the Russian Federation for economic growth, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Commission of the Russian Federation Public Chamber to the question of the development of civil society and the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF).

Next to the traditional partners the Association of Cultural Managers and the Higher School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University, have handed in their nomination in 2013.

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