The International awareness-raising camp “My World Without Hostility” will take place in Perm on 5-14 June 2013 and attract up to 15 volunteers from Perm, Russian regions and abroad.


The camp is part of a broader initiative bearing the same name which won the city contest entitled “The City Is Us”. Its organizers are aiming at peacefully opposing the growing violence in the society, decreasing the popularity of ultranationalist groups, preventing appearance of inscriptions and drawings sowing the seeds of hostility in the society, calling for massacres and extermination of various minorities. What is this language of hostility stirring up the population and provoking aggressiveness like? These days we often see numerous swastikas and hostile slogans painted all over the city. These urban features are alarming everyone who promotes trust, tolerance and peace in the society.

Camp participants will be living and working in Perm. My World Without Hostility Camp is a group of stakeholders who will attract a wide range of volunteers. Camp participants will themselves design and implement their agenda. They will work out their methodology and conduct workshops to promote non-violent patterns of conduct to oppose the language of hostility in the public urban space, organize street actions (flash mobs, painting out swastikas and obscenities on city walls, etc.). Organizers will provide the necessary resources and technical support based on participants’ requests. Some actions are going to be included into the agenda of the White Nights festival and City Day celebration.

It is noteworthy that there are no age limitations for camp participants. If you are interested in the project, please, contact the project supervisor.

For your convenience we have created a group on Vkontakte:

Number of volunteers: up to 15 people. Working languages: Russian and English. Project leaders – vacancies open. Contact person: Maria Cheremnykh, project supervisor, +7 (342) 281-95-59,

Participant’s questionnaire

For more information on the “My World Without Hostility” campaign, please, click here

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