On December 9, 2014 the Working Group "Human Rights and the Rule of Law", as well as experts, journalists and documentary cinematographers gathered in Warsaw to discuss the information campaign to increase confidence levels for the work of human rights organisations in Russia.
At the meeting, the issues of lack of human rights values in the Russian media space have been raised; as well as issues of creating a common language understood by the society; use of manipulative techniques in state propaganda and fighting them through telling stories about the topics most easily understood and accepted by the society.
‘The participants were unanimous in the opinion that under today’s circumstances the authorities ceased to be the audience of human rights defenders,’ said Elena Shakhova, Chairwoman of the Human Rights NGO "Citizens Watch" (St. Petersburg). ‘We must appeal directly to the society for which we work.’
As first steps on the way to implementation of the new communications policy, human rights non-profit organisations, have planned, in particular to create videos about their activities and to distribute via online channels.