This summer, the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum started the new project “HERstory – making women in history and society visible” which aims to show the role of women in history and in today’s societies in Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

The project includes online and offline city tours in different cities in Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine with the focus on the role of women in former times and in today’s society. Women played and play an important role in every society, but their achievement is often not recognised. During the tours, we focus on the role of women in order to raise awareness about their roles.

One activity within the project was the support of the Summer School “Reconciliation of the Divided Societies: Finding Common Ground” organised by the Ivanovo Center for Gender Studies taking place in Armenia from 4th – 18th July. During the summer school, the participants, mainly representatives from civil society from different regions in Russia, Ukraine and Armenia discussed possibilities how agreements can be reached and how divided societies might find together again and reconciliate. Women and women’s organisations play an important role in this process. Also, the summer school focused on the memories of ethnic traumas in different regions in Europe, such as on the Balkans, in the northern Caucasus or in Armenia. Therefore, the group also visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial Tsitsernakaberd in Yerevan.

Soon, we’ll publish an online platform as a networking opportunity and where different information on the situation of women in different regions and cities will be accessible.