Here will be defined dimensions of the images used on this website, to which you should stick:

HEADER: 1920x200px 30% black opacity.
SLIDER: 1920x800px 15% black opacity. (all photos should be the same size)
HOME 3 BANNERS: 519x346px black opacity
NEWS (Featured): 1280x764px.
TOPICS BLOCKS: 590x250px
BOARD/SECRETARIAT: 600x600px Can be smaller, as long photos are square.
GA photo subpages: 800x533px Photos have to be same size or proportionaly different no smaller than 400×267

Before placing a picture on a website, it must: a) cut to size b) optimize the web by performing a .jpg image compression. Adding images without optimizing them will sometimes take up several times more space, will slow down on mobile devices and may affect your website’s ranking in search engines (google, yandex, etc.). Image optimization can be done in Adobe Photoshop with the Save for Web feature or using one of the following online optimizers:

1) it optimizes and can indicate width, height will be proportional.
2) it only optimizes but does not cut.
3) this allows you to crop the desired part of the picture.
4) this optimizes and can indicate both height and width, but if the picture is not square, it will compress.

!We strongly advise you to devote time and attention to this.

The same applies to .pdf files. We optimize the size using or other online tools.

Turquoise #0098af
Light blue #7fcade