Support #GivingxForum campaign to show solidarity with human rights defenders in Russia 

To mark this year’s GivingTuesday, EU-Russia Civil Society Forum launches a solidarity campaign in support of human rights defenders in Russia. With #GivingxForum, we aim to raise 3,500 Euros to provide a Russia-based rights activist with a fellowship at a safe destination within the Forum’s Solidarity Programme.

You can support the #GivingxForum campaign with the amount of your liking using your credit card or PayPal account.

‘The space for civil society is shrinking all over Europe. Activists and NGOs work under growing pressure. Today we launch #GivingxForum – our campaign to show solidarity with the civil society active in Russia and the region. Help us celebrate and support individuals and groups standing up for common rights and values everyday,’ says Anna Sevortian, Executive Director of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.