Recently, we have completed the first reconfirmation procedure of the Forum participation status. 131 Members of the Forum that have been part of it for more than two years (131 organisations) have been offered to fill in the self-assessment questionnaire in order to reflect on their activity. The results have shown that almost 80% of the Forum members have been actively involved in at least one CSF project besides annual General Assembly and nearly 10% have taken part in just GA Sofia or/and GA Bratislava, thus, showing limited activity in the Forum.

As the Forum strives to be an association of active members, we set up discussions with the least active organisations (about 10%) aiming to reconnect and explore new opportunities for our successful cooperation. The reconfirmation procedure has also helped some organisations to realise that, at the moment, they do not have enough capacity to be active contributors to the Forum activity, and their decision was to change their status from members to supporters of the Forum (4 organisations) or to leave the Forum (2 organisations).

During this reconfirmation round, we got to know Forum members much better, and received a valuable feedback on current CSF projects as well as important suggestions for improvement. We thank all the participants of this procedure, and will do our best to keep up the great standard of activity and engagement demonstrated by you this year!

Secretariat of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum